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  • Member: FAAuraJin
  • Title: These Tracks - (Breathe)
  • Premiered: 2005-09-24
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    • Anna Nalick Breathe
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  • Comments: I finally found out how to make anime music videos (albeit poorly)!
    so, this is my first creation. it only took 15 hours, and of all the AMV ideas I have, I figured this was the most whimsical, and therefor, of all of them, was the one I wouldnt mind having first time "slip ups" on
    The theme of the video is train tracks, for the most part. Both the game (Final Fantasy VII) and the song ("Breathe" by Anna Nalick) have a heavy theme of meeting your destiny head-on, and both seem to use trains as a metaphor.
    Obviously, it is difficult to find FF7 footage partaining to some of the sone content (a girl going to the abortion clinic, an ex-military alchoholic... ok, well, there wasnt enough footage of Cid, give me a break), so, I hope you'll accept that some clips were matched more for emotion or overall "feel" than for lyric-to-image accuracy.

    Anyway, I hereby present you with "These Tracks".
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