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  • Member: Cailet730
  • Studio: Cailet Studios
  • Title: Jamming With Edward
  • Premiered: 2002-06-28
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    • Gorillaz 19-2000
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  • Comments: I wanted to make a really fun and upbeat video to Gorillaz' 19-2000 (Soulchild Remix). The song made me think of Edward from Cowboy Bebop. Afterall, she does act like a monkey. A boneless monkey. It's a pretty silly and nonsensical song, and I think that matches her well. :)

    This video chronicles some of the adventures of Edward (and Ein). I did spoil the ending of Episode 24. But no spoilers other than that.

    Time it took to complete: 3 weeks, 4+ hours most days. (took awhile to learn the software) and then another week or so when I went back over it an tightened up the cuts and added some more scenes. I experimented with changing the colors and adding some distortion effects to the first few clips of Ed lying on the rocks, but I kinda liked the simplicity of it so I left the shots alone.

    Software used: cladDVD XP 1.3, Adobe Premiere 6.0, Photoshop, DVD2AVI, TMPGEnc for the MPEG.

    I took the music right off the CD (Gorillaz G-Sides, Track #1) - there are some weird sounds at the beginning under the vocals, they are not background noise. (I first heard it on MP3 and was convinced that it was a mistake with the file, but it's really there on the CD too.)

    I just had a lot fun making it and I hope you have a lot of fun watching it.

    *Winner: Technical Merit Award - MTAC Pi 2002 :D

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