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  • Member: Super Vegetable
  • Title: King Naruto
  • Premiered: 2005-09-23
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    • Lion King Just can't wait to be King
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  • Comments: A few months back I started on a project in which I was going to use the song "Just Can't Wait" with Naruto, however, I procrastinated and eventually forgot it entirely, however, now I have finished this project and I am very much pleased with the results. Lip synching was a pain! This vid is pretty self explanitory, Naruto's "Simba", Iruka and Ebisu are "Zazu" (in this case you can think of them as two care-takers of Naruto) and Sakura is "Nala" and for those who don't know of Naruto, Naruto wishes to be Hokage, that is, a leader of the ninja village of fire, Konoha. Not really a king, but close enough to work his ambition in with the vid. There's not much digital effects in this vid, like I said, most of my effort went into the lip synching, I hope you all enjoy!

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