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  • Member: dreamer023
  • Title: Hardcore Angel
  • Premiered: 2005-09-22
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    • CLSM and lisa Abbot 19 - Timebomb (Cube Hard Remix)
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  • Comments: *notice* - i'm unsure of if this allowed or not on here. supose it will have to be taken down if not. there is a rather provocative background merged in with some parts of the song, its barely noticable but it was the only fast paced thing i could find at the time so i used it. i hope it doesnt look too bad.

    after hearing a rather catchy happy hardcore song, ideas started to flood my mind for a music video. and so i was up all night editing and encoding.

    it was intended to feature hentai (thus not put it on here) but when i was doing it i realised it didnt need it. yes most of the anime's used Are hentai's, but with careful editing they dont look nearly so bad.

    i'm not quite sure what is allowed on here, but there are no graphic shots, no genitals or bodily fluids. i think its safe for all to view. there is mostly hugs, kisses and the occasional bare breast.

    Anyway its mostly focused on a romance between serveral couplings of characters, you'll notice fruits basket in there too.

    more about this video, as this was a complex one, i simply love how it turned out - well planned and it shows.

    i took the whole thing up to another level compared to some of my earlier videos, i edited the whole video twice to the same music track, since one edit would be an overlay of the other and they were to compliment each other. the first track (75% opacity) would be the main one, a slower paced, lip sync to match the emotion carried in the female vocals.

    the second layer would be to time in with beats and add some speed to the fastest parts of the track.
    this took some trying to work, and i can hardly believe i did it all in one go (about 10 hours -no food).

    i think the colourful effects turned out well to aid the feeling of eurphoia in the song, i upped the contrast ever so slightly.

    the lip sync here is done well, (without boasting) i really tried to get everything spot on, and it works.

    well overall im so very pleased, im going to keep on watching it. the quality on this one is super high too (high bitrate at 640 x 480 res) just to make sure everything is crystal clear (unlike some of the previous).

    another interesting fact is that i edited and used the intro to the game 'battle raper' which looks neat, although this didnt take up much of the video time (i didnt want it to totally draw the attention away from the main point, but add in some action - is up to you viewers if that actually worked or failed).

    i hope none if that sounds arrogant, but i am pretty pleased with the outcome - especially my lip syncing :)

    if all else fails, at least i'll have it to watch for myself.

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