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  • Member: xRinoa
  • Studio: GAS
  • Title: Remember me
  • Premiered: 2005-09-17
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  • Song:
    • Leslie Parish Remember me
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  • Comments: Actually i wanted to participate at the Connichi AMV Contest with my video, but sadly
    it was too short and i sent it too late to the Con. .
    The reason why the video is so short is because the music itself doesn`t come along with the
    anime very well so i ran out of scenes very fast,
    althought the lyrics matched the anime perfectly..well i had to set a clean end.
    ( i am sure that alot of people are going to criticize that, but there was really nothing else to do ).
    This was the first time that i had been workin with aftereffects,
    i am satisfied with the results of my first try.
    I made the Co Moderation of the amv contest, cuz i got disqualified.
    When i was about to read the last winner, the moderation card said:
    the specialprice for the "the best amv which was: away too short and away too late" goes too...myself...
    i was really happy about this and about seeing my video at this really huge screen ^^

    i hope that you enjoy the video, although it`s too short i spent alot of effort into it
    and i was kinda happy when i finnished it xD.

    That`s it, have fun ^^;

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