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  • Member: Dragon/Roy
  • Studio: Darkness Studio's
  • Title: Pain and Suffering
  • Premiered: 2005-09-19
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    • April Sixth Somewhere Waiting
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  • Comments: Well u know I had to make one last AMV before MY summer Vaction ends.I start School tommorow so yeah had to spend alot of time on this video. When everyone is at school learning i was learning too. Different things in amvs lol, so yeah all day i was working on this amv for the past weeks.No one to troble me or anything since everyone is at school *YES!!!* hehe.Well I wanted to make a FMA since i said i seen the anime long time ago but I never made a video out of it and then I said well let me make a amv.

    I had to find a song... this is what troubles people hehe. Well i learned about a band and i love christian rock so i found about about April Sixth.then i realized no one has ever made a amv with this band.So I am the FIRST PERSON TO MAKE A AMV WITH THIS BAND *throws a party lol* so i picked a song from them and I came up with this video hehe.

    I also used Adobe Photoshop in this amv and I thank KakarotxSasuke for helping me do masking and cutting out background for me.Well this is my video and I hope u like it. I tryed very hard and I went back alot and edit until i like it,well here it is


    Well, it's your life.

    Verse 1:
    Yea, you may have your reasons, and you may have your lies.
    But one day you will start to see that living isn't just to die.
    Take a sip of what you're given, cause it might save your life
    All the precious words were spoken out
    For them to Save Me!

    Save a friend, won't you come tonight
    Don't say to yourself, "You're all that matters, now."

    Verse 2:
    He's the one who built His Kingdom
    Not a soul was meant to die.
    But you will be the one to say, "You're waiting for His Son to rise."
    When the day arrives for righteous, He'll take away the filth.
    And you'll join then in the suffering, long tonight!

    And I want to -Live with Him
    Be the one who will -never die.
    And I say this that you'll, Save your soul.
    For the place I want to, go to when I die.
    Calls me ever closer, The gates are open.


    Well i hope u enjoy my Video, Please Leave a opinion

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