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  • Member: Sareana
  • Title: Naruto Love
  • Premiered: 2005-09-19
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    • Blue Man Group I Feel Love
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  • Comments: Well, with this video I wanted to some how try and show as many of the popular Naruto couples that I could. Turned out to be much harder than I originally expected due to the fact that a lot of the popular couples really don't even interact that much with each other - Naruto just has an over all lack of any sort of romance LOL (Yeah, I know it's not geared for romance or anything...but still..). Think it started out relatively well, and I'm quite proud of the beginning, but towards the end, I can't help but feel it just sort of flopped. I guess I just ran out of patience with it and put it whatever I could find. So sorry for the lack of effort towards the end. Hope you at least enjoy most of it!

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