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  • Member: Epochof7
  • Studio: Seven7h S7ep Productions
  • Title: Secret Agent Man
  • Premiered: 2002-07-04
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  • Song:
    • Moby James Bond Theme
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  • Comments: *Won Best Action at Anime Weekend Atlanta 8*

    This is my first single-genre video EVER :D Just plain action...

    I got this video idea while walking through the dealer's room at Fanime 2002. I had just bought the DVD (After making sure it was a progressive scan DVD, and not any stupid manga-ent-making-blood-an-interlaced-dvd thing), and I was reading the back of the DVD case. On the back of this DVD case, it said something like "a mix of James Bond and Indiana Jones". The first thought to come to mind was the thought "Goddammit, I love the Moby remix of the Bond theme... wait... that'd kick ass!"

    And thus, it was made...

    A lot of the video's editing is in the small stuff. Frames taken out here and there, subtile speed ups and downs, and other stuff that people will never notice just to make the video flow smoothly. Oh well... it was fun to make, and everyone loves the lipsynch part right in the middle.

    The freezes you see are 7 frames each, and they were really hard to edit. You had to start with either what you wanted the freeze shot to be, or you had to work back from the end of the clip and see where the freeze ended up. I literally had to start at the end of the intro sequence and work back from there (from about 52 seconds back).

    Originally, it was gonna be Yu and the evil kid doing the lipsynch, but I simply could not make the scene's logically flow, so I just made it the fat f**ker, and that turned out even better ;)

    Getting the white flashes at the end to line up was a bitch, but in the end, it really improved the feel of an otherwise bland ending.


    Wow... best action at AWA8 Professionals. I don't think my ego will ever be the same :D I guess it did so well just cause this video is chock full of ass-kicking fun™, and is slightly goofy at times ;) Oh well... I may never know, but I hope to do it again.

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