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  • Member: Quu
  • Studio: Demon Kitty
  • Title: End of the Century
  • Premiered: 2001-09-21
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    • No.9 End of the Century
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  • Comments: This was my first entry into the Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Non-Stop Mega-Mix Anime Music Video Challenge. It is track 15, “End of the Century”. The DDR Project uses a non stop CD, where different tracks were given to different creators, so each video starts 5 seconds into the track before it, and 5 second after, to allow each track to blend into each other. This is not a full AMV, but rather my part of a larger colaberative project. Someone elses video goes before mine, and gomes after, so the music trails off.

    I had listened to the songs a lot while I was choosing. This song struck me. It was not my first pick, but those had been taken, so I was still looking. I kept coming back to this song though, I think the Ode to Joy melody in the background stuck with me. I don’t really know, and in the end nobody else claimed it, so I did. I just fixated on this song, and knew that I wanted to do a video to it. I originally was going to use Utena footage to it. I am a big Utena-phile and figured that the music was close enough, and that the bright colors and vibrant action would fit well with the song. Until I started hearing other peoples ideas, and watching other peoples samples.

    Everybody was doing bright and cheerful. In case you did not know, the lyrics for “End of the Century” are rather dark. Not depressing, but Ode to Joy being used, as a background melody, is rather ironic. Joe Croasdaile had given me a copy of the Escaflowne Movie on SVHS… the same source he acquired for his Star Gate video. My previous idea for the Escaflowne Movie video idea fell apart at that moment when I realized how beautifully both “End of the Century” and the Escaflowne Movie fit each other. It was not an exact match, but I felt it was very close in spirit.

    The opening is a throw away, since my estimate was that it would be obscured by the transition from the previous song. I tried to make sure to use more of the brighter scenes in the movie, since if the video was to dark, nobody would be able to watch it. What followed after that was my scouring the footage for scenes that I felt fit. Surprisingly it was not all that random. I would listen to a lyric, and a scene would bubble forth in my head. It just seamed to fit… and I learned to respect a 2 minute long dance song… I put as many edits into this song as I do in a normal video. It just kept moving, and I felt that my video should move with it.

    Items of note

    Fades and overlays… they are everywhere, mainly to compensate for low video quality of the footage.
    Edits and cuts… I used the singer as my main source of cues… not the music. Some of them are really fast. I just wanted it to leave an impression in your eye, not to draw you in. When the impressions on the quick flashes are combined, you end up getting an image that was not in the original, because the human mind will blur the images together.
    DJ’s voice is ignored in this video. At the time we thought that Brad would overlay his own version of the DJ onto everyone’s videos. I tried to make it easy when the DJ speaks, but using a slower scene.
    The guns shooting at the beginning, they just worked…. Cool
    Van’s one lip sync line… I just had to throw that in. the footage matched beautifully, and his face looked like he was saying something that serious.
    “Heart is pounding… rapid beat” I liked the use of the jewel in this. I had to adjust both the speed of van and the jewel to make it work.
    “The feeling… feeling… is crazy… is crazy” I experimented a bit with duplicated footage.
    The wings bit at the end is a probably my favorite part. I have a big wings fetish… and Hitomi gaining wings was the highlight of the movie in my mind. The way I did the triple wing view was I copied the track twice, and overlaid the two copies onto of the original. I then slowed the top one to 50% of its original speed, lined up the final frame with the final frame of the master track, and set its transparency to 25%. The middle track I slowed to 70% of its original speed, and set its transparency to 50%, lining up the end points on all three tracks. I then made the middle and top track fade in slightly. Yes… I am a drooling fan boy for wings. Poor Van… left all alone.

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