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  • Member: Mad_Cyric
  • Studio: Suiboshi Studios
  • Title: Time
  • Premiered: 2005-09-17
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    • Alan Parsons Project Time
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  • Comments: Winner: Judges' Asuka NDK 9

    I started making this video at the very end of July and in the process realized that I might be able to reach the NDK deadline if I really worked for it. So I did; it took me about 2-5 hours a night every night to get the necessary work done, but I made the deadline and entered the video at NDK.

    I like this video a little more than my first video, and I think its take on Batou's story is pretty nice.

    Winning an Asuka with so many really awesome videos competing was just amazing.

    At any rate Ghost in the Shell and The Alan Parsons Project are really underused, but I think this video does them justice. The song and story fit together so well in my head, little things just came together and I'm very proud of the result, especially considering the time I took to make it (6 months less than for my first video).

    The idea of the video is to basically be a story of how Batou and Motoko part ways, and how the former deals with being alone; this is of course under the presumption that the movies come after Stand Alone Complex.

    The one technical thing I'd like to mention that I'm very proud of is the quality of the video; it's mostly *better* than the DVD sources that I used! W00t!

    I hope you enjoy this second offering of mine; it is a pleasure to show.

    Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5
    Adobe Photoshop
    DVD Decryptor

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