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  • Members: JCD, Messi
  • Studio: GAS
  • Title: Spirit of the Stage
  • Premiered: 2005-08-27
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  • Song:
    • m.o.v.e Destiny
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  • Comments: -- Winner, 1st Place in Action at Connichi 2005. YAY
    -- Winner, Best Dance at AWA 11 Expo. With this the dance award is in the hands of GAS for a third year :D
    -- Winner, Best Upbeat at Anime USA 2005. Suprisingly won against a panda and giant pikachu worshipping Frenchman's video :D Burn, istiv, burn. lol.

    I had this concept for a pretty damn long while. After hearing this song and immediately liking it I thought it had lots of potential for editing, I just didn't know with which anime. A few months later my good friend Messi told me about Kaliedo Star, all I knew then were some pictures and the fact it was a circus-anime, and I thought it could work with this song. That was August last year.
    After connichi 2004 Messi made me all crazy about Kaleido Star and how much he loved it. I told him about this song and he thought it could really work. We watched Kaleido Star after a while so I could make my own mind about it. After watching it the concept was settled and I decided that I'll enter the result in the next French Japan Expo convention.

    In January 2005 I began working on this video as I predicted it to be really tedious. I wanted to put maximum effort into it to beat the French guys as a German heh ^^' I also planned to do a collaborative thing with Messi again with him as my all-time scene-research book and live-betatester :P
    Working on this was different than on other videos I made, I got into it much easier, being able to create statisfying scenes right away where I normally need to get into it through the first 30 seconds of video or so.
    At first I intended to do this video with 2 Programs, Vegas and Premiere, combining the advantages of both. This worked well at first.
    I edited this way until March, then I did my EuroFire video, so this video was on hold for 2 months. In the meanwhile I also got the information that the whole Japan Expo con got canceled, so I decided to enter this video at Connichi 2005 then. I also changed my goals creating this video from kicking French ass to making a worthy all-dance Kaleido Star video :)
    After that I tried continuing editing in Premiere again, but due to Eurofire I go so used to Vegas that it was just a step back. As Vegas can't edit AVS files (which it actually can with a trick I didn't know back then), I made clips out of my source. This made it also alot easier to choose scenes. From here on till completion it was just linear editing in Vegas for the remaining 2 months till the deadline with Messi helping me pretty often on my side. It was getting really close, but I barely made it in time :p

    I love the outcome of this video, I never put so much work into an AMV and it's propably my personal favourite to date :)
    One funny and great thing is that my betatesters and people who have seen it don't even recognize all the work. The effects I did blend VERY well with the source footage making it hard to determine which effects were already in the anime and which were done by me.

    As a matter of fact, the song is Japanese in the most verses. To do some lyricsynch I asked AMVFreak to translate it for me. I put it up here if you're interested:
    Thanks, man :D It's not really neccessary to understand what they sing as it is synched pretty general.

    Thanks to my betatesters: DoKool, AMVFreak, LCY84 and of course Messi :)

    This video won at an awesome contest at THE German contest, the Connichi. Got a great response from the audience, I'm really happy about it being 1st, it kinda pays off for all the work I put in :D

    One thing: I recommend watching this video on LOUD volume with turned up bass and treble, preferrably in Winamp. The impression is very different depending on the volume it seems.


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