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  • Member: Tormentor
  • Title: Reign of Sorrow
  • Premiered: 2005-09-18
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    • Insomnium the bitter end
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  • Comments: So this is the first video I ever made. I wanted to express a love-story, using the first love-story anime I have ever seen, which was my favorite to the time, when I started building this AMV.I must admit that I was quiet lazy. It lasted me six months to
    build this video (04.01.2005-14-07-2005). My concept
    is kind of strange, because I used an anormal song of an
    anormal band.
    This song is, that it is about a lost and found love.
    I subtitled the vocals/lyrics in order to make it easier to understand.
    Everything about the video is meant serious, so are the subtitles I wrote.
    They express the original lyrics and aren't an invention of mine!
    It was difficult to build the video, because I had to leave out one of three main-characters in
    order to follow my concept. The timing was a pain, because the
    audio data was really difficult to understand. At this point I must apologize to you. There is a sound-error in the very beginning of the video created by the programm I used, and another one at point 4:44 that must have appeared while uploading. I don't know how to get the first one away, so please ignore it. The second one wasn't in my connichi version and occured later. I won't trouble the site-admins, so sorry for those of you who can't enjoy the video at optimal-quality.

    Some of you might
    wonder why I declare this the first video I ever build. In fact
    I didn't upload it earlier, because I wanted to take part in the
    Amv-contest of the Connichi-con 2005 with it. Well I did and won the
    drama-cathegory ranking. Damn I'm so proud of this victory I achieved with my first project.

    I wish those of you who download it a lot of fun,
    while watching it. I will answer every opinion gratefully and I will likely read your comments.
    For those of you who like my videos, be asured there is more to come!

    Ultra-special thanks to Warheart (Alexander Otto) for showing me that there are Amvs, being my beat-tester and good friend and making me creating Amvs my own.

    At the gates of your kingdom I bow down and enter!

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