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  • Member: aila
  • Studio: Cheshire Neko Productions
  • Title: Electric Lady
  • Premiered: not yet
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    • Fantastic Plastic Machine Electric Lady Land
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  • Comments: I uploaded it. However, I'm not sure of the speed of my server. They say they are "fast", but when I tried, it was pretty slow. Hopefully when people download, it will be much faster then it was for me. If you can't download it there, try KaZaA, I'll try spreading it around there.

    This is well, a comedy impression of Chi's Profile. Have fun. Oh, and I'm going by my mother's reaction here... don't show this vid to your parents without seeing it yourself. -_-'' My mom gave some funny raections, while her b-friend loved it. Mainly what I did was get all the cute little perverted parts in chobits, and well, here you go!

    This has been entered in AWA 8, which hasn't taken place yet. ^_^ Hope it does well there.

    My only complaints about this vid... Some parts I'm dissapointed in, cause they seem rushed, and there was this one scene I couldn't lip sync well. Also, my intro... Oh well, I say this isn't bad for my first vid.

    *Laughs at her pathetic intro/promo in her vid*

    p.s. - I posted the file about 2 days ago, and see all my bandwidth is almost used up. o_O I need to find host... Obviously 1 GIG banwidth a month is not enough...Well, if you guys are getting it, can you write little review thingies? I'm really intrested about what you think.

    Oh yes, my banwidth is reset the 3rd of each month. *still can't believe all her bandwidth is pretty much gone after a couple days* *stares at site stats in awe*

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