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  • Member: JudgeHolden
  • Studio: Factotum Productions
  • Title: Lost Innocence
  • Premiered: 2005-09-17
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  • Song:
    • Kristin Hersh Trouble
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    It would be a misnomer to say that this video was ďfunĒ to make. This video was more of an all-consuming passion; it had entered my mind and I could not shake it from there. Even now, the vestiges of it still linger inside of me. This is a story of Sara and the pain she experiences; a pain that is far to familiar too many women in the world over. Edit: In other words, this AMV is about the horrors of rape and is not a happy video.

    As for effects, I have used many very subtle ones throughout Lost Innocence. Two examples are when Sara cuts her hair and at the end when she sits holding the lock of hair she just cut off. In the first example, I ramped the footage (also known as Key Frame Remapping) to make it even more dramatic, and in the second I added a glow to her hair in the transition for the same effect. In addition I added some more major effects, but those should stand out on their own. I try to use effects only to add something to the piece, trying not to over use them.

    As for sync, I use a spiderís web of beat, mood, internal and lyrical. People seem to like to read the lyrics, so I have included them below.

    I canít even begin to tell you how much time I put into this, as I said it was an obsession, a passion, and time is something that gets lost in that.

    Please leave an opinion, whether you like or hate the piece, or at least a quick comment.

    BTW, this NOT a fight or special effects video. Therefore, it is not a pure action sync (beat) video, if that is all you like than just stay away.


    Oh trouble set me free
    I have seen your face
    And itís too much for me

    Oh trouble canít you see
    Youíre eating my heart away
    And thereís nothing much left of me

    Iíve drunk your wine
    You have made your world mine
    So wonít you be fair
    So wonít you be fair

    I donít want no more of you
    So wonít you be kind to me
    Just let me go where
    Iíll have to go there

    Oh trouble move away
    I have seen your face
    And itís too much for me today

    Oh trouble canít you see
    You have made me a wreck
    Now wonít you leave me in my misery

    Iíve seen your eyes
    And I can see deathís disguise
    Hanginí on me
    Hanginí on me

    Iím beat, Iím torn
    Shattered and tossed and worn
    Too shocking to see
    Too shocking to see

    Oh trouble move from me
    I have paid my debt
    Now wonít you leave me in my misery

    Oh trouble please be kind
    I donít want to fight
    And I havenít got a lot of time

    Written by Cat Stevens and performed by one of the greatest alternative rockers in the world: Kristin Hersh.

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