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  • Member: mtarzaim
  • Studio: Killer Penguin Productions
  • Title: Poppu'll attack
  • Premiered: 2005-10-01
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    • 30 Seconds to Mars Attack
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  • Comments: I said it until today ...
    And I will surely say it until the end of times ...

    Dai no Daiboken is one of the most exciting RPG mangas ever drawn ! !
    It's a shame that the tv serie didn't go further than volume 10, just when the story takes its real strength.

    This music video is about one of my favorite characters of all times : Poppu, cowardly magician at the beginning, but heroes' pillar at the end. He's what i call a true hero. Because he is just a normal guy, throwned in a battle between Devil and God, and doing what he can, neither to save the world nor to gain glory, but to win the consideration (and the heart) of a girl, Maam ...
    And he has a strong rival, Hyunkel : a fearless and quite immortal knight, searching a path of redemption. The ideal "prey" to a monk as Maam ! ^^

    With nothing more than his will, and against all trials, he will somewhat succeed in that heart contest (even if the manga stops before giving a true answer about their relationship).

    But the fundamental quality of this character remains his weaknesses. He looses, makes mistakes, lost all hopes, burden others, misunderstands and fails numberous times. And still, he progresses, becomes better and stronger, as a magic user, but as a man too.

    Near the end of the story, he realizes he's just a "normal" man, without any superior abilities like his "super heroes" comrades, that he will never surpasses Hyunkel, and, worse, lead all humans to disaster (he has to be the fifth star of the light pentagram, last hope to counter the God of Evil). Those long moments of doubt, frustration, hate against himself and Destiny, fear of his friends' reaction, made of him an incredibly human character. His feelings are so well describe, its evolution so well writen, that sometimes we don't know who really is the hero of this story ! ^^

    I wanted to use "Iris" from Goo Goo Dolls. But I were hesitant, because that song is pretty over used, and I wished something more original. Some times (years ?) later, I hearded "Attack", from 30 seconds to Mars, and I've got THE revelation. Yes, this song was PERFECT ! ! ! !
    A little too agressive, because the relationship between Maam and Poppu is still evoluting after the end of the story. But well, the song is good and my mind was already setted ...

    The thing I regret the most is the quite poor quality of the scans. I found them by chance, and couldn't find better ones. And don't tell me to sacrifice my only collection to the god of amv !
    There are some things in this world that are without value, and my 37 Dai no Daiboken's volumes are part of that ! ! ! ^^

    Don't expect too much visual effects, since i used only manga scans. I've tried to make the characters speak le lyrics of the song. It renders quite well. But there's still a mystery : is it "And I am finally free" or "And I am finalizing" ? I've taken the first version. I hope it's the good one.

    Enjoy !

    EDIT : Well ... it's seem that scanning 37 volumes is a bit longer than I thought ...
    Expected something near the November 1st.

    EDIT 2 : It's released ! Please leave a comment for this one, here or on my blog :

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