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  • Member: AkiraKitano
  • Studio: Floating Magical Weasel Productions
  • Title: Curse of the Dragon
  • Premiered: 2005-09-16
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  • Song:
    • Kagrra, Majinai
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  • Comments: A lot of people didn't really like Drakengard when it came out...too much of a strategy game not enough action, etc...I just think those people weren't smart enough to figure out the tragic meaning behind the game. I find the story-line very enjoyable and the game-play helps me releive stress when I'm really upset.
    I got the idea for this video when I started listening to Kagrra,'s "Majinai" just the dramatic drum beats and the Bass really reminded me of Drakengard so I had to make this video. The theme I had for the video was "despair" and I thought that "Curse of the Dragon" was a good title being that the song's title "Majinai" means "Curse" or "Cursed One" and I think Caim and Furiae fit that description. I hope you enjoy my took a little while to make, and please leave a comment if you enjoyed it or if you did not enjoy it. Thank You! ^^

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