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  • Member: Murf
  • Studio: Nocturnal Studios
  • Title: look closer...
  • Premiered: 2002-06-21
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    • The Who Baba O'Reily
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  • Comments: Finally after a half-year hiatus, I made a video! (I don't count McSeele's as a video, that was just a strange occurence.)

    To begin to understand the overall simple concept of the video your about to watch, you should see or have seen the trailers for the Oscar winning best picture masterpiece American Beauty (starring Kevin Spacey and Annette Benning). This video is inspired by the trailers. And no, it's not another anime trailer like Lord of the Animes.

    The movie's slogan was "Look closer..." which told us to look at something seemingly normal like the family in American Beauty, look closer at it, and see just how abnormal it really is.

    The trailers used the lines:
    "If you think a comedy can't move you..."
    "If you think a drama can't make you laugh..."
    "Look closer..."

    With me so far. Now imagine how anime looks to the unitiated. It looks like something its not. Like people who believe anime is only suited to a specific genre like big mechs, or that it's just simply "cartoons."

    Well, here's my message to those people. Look closer... See what anime really is instead of your pathetic assumptions.

    Well, seven months passed between my "Lord of the Animes" trailer, and "look closer..." and in this seven months, I replaced my old computer, and gots a new one outfitted for all sorts of spiffy video making goodness! And this is the first real video to pumped out of it, aside from "McSeele's" which just was created of udder boredom.

    This video had acutally been in my mind since "Lord of the Animes" because I was looking for trailers to do, and scanning my DVDs, I saw the American Beauty trailers and the idea first came into being. But my collection wasn't large enough then to support making the video. So it was quickly dismissed...

    Fast forward 7 months. After two failed videos (and a situation that just reeked of "Failed Experiments in Video Editing"), I sat down in my big comfy chair and started listening to vast collection of anime mp3s. Amongst these mp3s are a few American songs... one of which was Baba O' Reilly, the song used in the American Beauty trailers. And then a lightbulb clicked inside my head and I begin to listen to the song and began planning the video. I was going to do what I set out to do seven months before! And my collection has grown since then... but I'll talk about that later.

    I had made my titles which say
    "If you think anime...
    is just [insert genre here]...
    look closer..."

    And I began thinking of things to put into the [insert genre here] slot for the text.

    To me, the most important part of the video is the finale. After it goes through it's primary "If you think..."s then it says "If you think anime... is just cartoons..." and you get about a minute and a half of just all out anime pandemonium, ending suddenly with a "look closer..." and this is where I started because this had to be the juiciest part of the video. (Remember that when downloading)

    I had placed a few clips in the beginning, and some in the middle. After a quick viewing, I determined after my past failed experiments, I determined I could do this! For your amusement, these were the failed videos:

    Evangelion - Metalica: Nothing Else Matters (Shinji Profile)
    Evangelion - MS Nadesico: Let's Go Gekiganger 3 (Comedy, Parody)

    To begin the video, I put a simple "Nocturnal Studios Presents: look closer..." opening. And to revenge my poor attempts at doing an Eva video, I started out with a sequence of big mechs (Eva, Gundam Wing, and Nadesico are all present) followed by "If you think anime... is just big mechs..."

    There main reason for doing these first were cause I had a plethora of Eva clips left over from the previous attempts. And I had other stuff already captured (El Hazard, Nadesico, etc.)

    Finally capturing began. I captured more Gundam, some Kenshin, Love Hina and a few others. And with these, I finished about 60% of the ending sequence, and begin filling in other sections in the first part (sci-fi, fantasy).

    At this time I realized something, the song's lyrics were a bitch to work with and make the video work. So I cut 90% of the lyrics out of the song (thankfully it's mostly instrumental.) The edits aren't rough, but if you pay attention (LIKE THE VIDEO TELLS YOU TO) you can notice. But otherwise it flows nicely. It's cut in two spots.

    Then I went to sleep. And no work was done the next day because I had to work a double. But it was also my last day at Carmike. On my hour break, I went the mall (which was normal since the mall was the closet thing that was half-way entertaining) and I bought the first Excel Saga DVD (you'll notice Excel a little too much in the later half). I also had John bring some of Jason's anime to use in the video that night (and return my Outlaw Star).

    And that brings us to the day after that. After taking Dad to work since he had his license suspended, I drove home... and I followed a UPS truck down my gravel driveway, and to my surprise he was delivering my Vash sunglasses. I was overcome with Otaku joy... I began to capture the final clips I needed. One things I had done earlier that affected one section, was before the finale, I had shot of Jinnai laughing. The entire segement before had where they are saying "Teenage Wasteland" now had Gourry, Meryl Stryfe, Sanosuke and Excel singing the words. Ending with Jinnai laughing taking us into the finally. On the Excel shot in the prior sequence, Japanese Kanji appears and translates to "Controversial Statement" but the subtitles say "Controversial Satement." That's ADV's typo, not mine... so you can smite them for it. In kept the Kanji in there because it seemed funny to make it seem like saying "teenage wasteland" was controversial.

    The very end... the last few seconds has very fast beats, accompanied by quick flashes of various anime characters. Here's the list in sequential order:
    Gohan (DBZ) - Akito Tenkawa (Nadesico) - Misato Katsuargi (Eva) - Lina Inverse (Slayers) - Excel (Excel Saga) - Van Fanel (Escaflowne) - Washuu (Tenchi)- Yahiko Myojin (Kenshin) - Keitaro Urashima (Love Hina)- Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop) - Nanami Jinnai (El Hazard) - Vash the Stampede and KuroNeko-sama (Trigun)

    As note: If you haven't noticed, KuroNeko-sama (The Mascot of Nocturnal Studios) appears in every video we do. Somewhere, somehow. I just told where in this one.

    I watched the near finished and realized something... my anime had grown... but it wasn't enough to fully warrant doing the video in my opinion. I shrugged it off... did my final renders and viola! A new video to watch!

    If I had done this 7 months ago, Kenshin, Love Hina, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, Nadesico, Excel Saga and El Hazard wouldn't have been present in this video.

    Well, that's all! ENJOY!!!

    and look closer... at everything in general...


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