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  • Member: Pwolf
  • Studio: Pwolf's Anime Music Video's
  • Title: I Died For You
  • Premiered: 2005-09-16
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  • Song:
    • Iced Earth I Died For You
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  • Comments: Hmmm lets see. I started this video shortly after watching Gungrave and i started listening to this song and relized i could pull this off. Just watching the video may or may not show you exactly what the story is i'm trying to tell.

    The story:
    Brandon (the main char) is in love with Maria (the chick... duh). He really only wants her to be happy, no matter what. He joins the mafia and does all these things aka kills people.... he distances himself from her because he belives she'll be happy without him.

    The video uses the Gungrave story and twists it a little. The "best friend" is really the mob boss in the show. but in the show they do become friends. As far as the video is concerned and how you want to look at it, Big Daddy ("the best friend") is not the mob boss and just a normal person.

    The video starts out with Brandon on the Elevator. This is the present. He is looking back and thinking of Maria and what he's done while in the mob. The lyrics "I died for you" are sort of a metafor for doing anything for her. He joined the mob to become stronger and protect her if he needed to. he distanced himself from her thinking it would make her happy. Even though it hurt, he supports her and his friend hooking up. And then at the end it returns to the present and someone (Harry, not who he's suppsed to be in the show...) goes up to him and tells him 1) he's killed his best friend and 2) he also killed Maria. He becomes enraged and tries to fight back...

    In the end all he wanted was for Maria to be happy. He never thought of himself. in the end, he's given up everything for her. he dies for her.

    Note about Spoilers:
    There is one major spoiler here. If you intend to see the show i suggest you don't see this until you watch it. If you haven't seen the show, watch it. It is definatly one of the best animes ever.

    Anyway, i hope those of you who watch this enjoy it and i hope i did justice to the power metal genre.

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