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  • Member: badmartialarts
  • Studio: Bad Martial Arts
  • Title: Video Game Project 3 - Track 15 - Graves of the Fallen
  • Premiered: 2005-09-24
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    • DJ K-Wix and Israfel Zenobia's Grave (A Champion Has Risen)
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  • Comments: After seeing the NES Project and the RVG Project, I really wanted to try my hand at this whole video game/anime integration thing. So, when opening became available into VG3, I immediately threw my hat into the ring. With a Sinistar remix. Set to SaiKano.

    "Wait," you are thinking. "This is a Ogre Battle remix, set to Berserk. What happened?" As it turns out, Sinistar is one of the hardest shooters ever designed...and controlling it with a keyboard is nigh impossible on top of the pure hardness factor. There was no way I was gonna get good enough to record myself even beating the first stage's Sinistar. I was willing to fake the funk, but my interest waned. I wanted to do something different. So I scoured for a new track and came upon the perfect track. A Red Alarm track.

    "Red Alarm?" Yeah, it's a VirtualBoy game. I was working the effect to make everything come out as red lines. I had the opening done. But I lacked anime source for the combat scenes, and I had another problem. Red Alarm is not emulatable by any of the 4 VB emulators out there, and obtaining the game and a real VB and some sort of camera apparatus to do true screen capture was impossible, Thus, no way to be sure I was properly integrating game footage into the video. So, I decided to set this one aside as well, only finishing it if I had to.

    At last, when all hope was gone, and I was sure I was gonna be stuck with a Virtual Boy track, I found a lone remix to a classic game that I really enjoyed. Ogre Battle! As soon as I saw the name of the game, I had visions of some of the scene selections from Berserk, so it was fairly easy to edit. Which was lucky, because I didn't start editing it till late...due to job concerns and pure laziness. Therefore, some of the effects and scenes didn't come out as well as I'd hoped but I still think I accomplished my goal, to distill the essence of playing Ogre Battle into Berserk footage.

    As with all VG3 videos, this will premiere at AWA 11 in Atlanta, GA. After that it goes where the winds take it. This XviD encode is pretty decent, though, if you can't make it to a local VG3 showing at a con near you!

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