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  • Member: firerules16
  • Title: Go on... leave her breathless
  • Premiered: 2002-06-20
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    • The Corrs Breathless
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  • Comments: Here you have it... my second video.

    Alright, let me make something clear... this is a romantic "fun" video. I made it with the intention of putting a smile on someone's face; I can only hope that I will succeed, but we'll see.

    This is a Final Fantasy VIII, IX, and X endeavour, and the video is set to a song entitled "Breathless" by The Corrs. When I heard this song for the first time about a year ago, I thought, "Wow... that's pretty catchy." It wasn't until I completed FFX that this music video popped into my head. I'm extremely pleased with the results, and I hope most of you will enjoy it as well. The technical aspect of the video is much better than my previous project, but I still opted for simplicity over flash in most cases... cuts, cross dissolves, fades, and a few transparencies rule the show with this video.

    The clip choices are very very clean cut... this video, with the exception of just a few shots, revolve *completely* around Squall/Rinoa, Zidane/Dagger, and Tidus/Yuna, and the relationships that they share with each other. Therefore, you can call it kind of a sentimental video that's extremely lighthearted. There is, as some people have noted in their reviews, the lack of originality. Yep, I'm aware of this... people have been there and done that. But, if you would be so kind, look at the editing and appeal of the video as opposed to the originality. That, my fellow amvers is where the good (I think) stuff in the video is.

    Alright, what else? The entire project took about two weeks from start to finish. PSX video is easy to rip, of course, but it's hard to work with as far as quality goes. Even the FFX video is junky looking and hard to work with for being an Mpeg2 stream... so, I extracted all the video I wanted in Huffyuv and spent a lot of time filtering the raw footage to the best of my abilities. (me and my lowly Celeron 750Mhz...) The Photoshop work that you see at the beginning of the video was done by yours truly, and I cropped the ending scenes from FFVIII to get rid of the widescreen. Since I was using FFVIII PC footage, which is in somewhat high quality Bink format, the quality stayed relatively decent despite the cropping and enlarging.

    After all of the long, boring, and tedious work was complete, it was video making time! The actual video only took about four days to put together... I had almost everything planned before I started pasting the footage together, so the creation of the video went along quite smoothly.

    I recommend downloading the divx... although the mpeg encode is good quality, the divx is slightly better! Only d/l the mpeg if you have a slower computer and/or you loathe divx. However, it would save me a little bandwidth if you downloaded the smaller file size! :)

    I really enjoyed creating this, and I honestly believe it was a large improvement over my last project. Please please please, if you download, leave a comment. I want to hear what everyone thinks of this. Thanks a million, and enjoy.

    ~Note: I know it doesn't say it, but this video does have *some* spoilers in it.

    Also, and I am certainly not trying to gripe and complain about this... I make these videos not only because I'm a huge Final Fantasy fan, but because I love video editing and syncing. I'm actually considering a career out of it, so I really want to improve all the aspects of my editing style. So, if you could be so kind as to leave your opinion on this, I'd be very grateful. Thanks a bunch.~

    Fire Rules

    Nov. 17, 2002: My webhosting service has been down for a couple of weeks now. They cancelled my account, as they no longer allowed anime-based websites. So, until I find another web hosting solution, no video downloads :(

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