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  • Member: Otohiko
  • Title: The Plot Thickens
  • Premiered: 2005-09-13
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  • Song:
    • Frank Zappa Naval Aviation In Art
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  • Comments: One evening,
    something happened.

    The machines stopped. The trains stopped. The water stopped. The bicycle died...

    Someone entered the kitchen.

    My lipstick. Your dinner. My coffee.
    This is the end . Of another day. Of another bicycle.

    Time stops...

    The plot thickens.


    Monday, September 5th, 2005

    'jssssperr' (12:45:03 AM): nah, i'll probably throw you something like...
    'jssssperr' (12:45:29 AM): "the plot thickens"
    'jssssperr' (12:45:31 AM): o__o
    Otohiko AMV (12:45:37 AM): aha
    Otohiko AMV (12:45:46 AM): is that a challenge xD
    Otohiko AMV (12:45:49 AM): I'd have like...
    Otohiko AMV (12:45:57 AM): symbolic-looking imagery
    Otohiko AMV (12:46:03 AM): that just randomly shows up
    Otohiko AMV (12:46:08 AM): with suspicious sounding music
    Otohiko AMV (12:46:09 AM): butbut
    'jssssperr' (12:46:10 AM): LOL
    Otohiko AMV (12:46:12 AM): and like
    Otohiko AMV (12:46:17 AM): you expect something to happen
    Otohiko AMV (12:46:21 AM): but then nothing happens


    Editing System:

    Space Groove Mk. Asswind:

    Athlon XP 2400+
    1024MB DDR RAM
    80GB HD
    BFG GeForce 6800OC

    Premiere 6.5

    The video took approximately 15-16 hours to complete.


    Thanks to Jasper-Isis for the idea and pointed sticks. Obviously. :roll:

    DISCLAIMER: A common misconception - despite the later release date, the aforementioned Jasper's Curse of Saturn AMV has been in existence for a much longer time and was in part the inspiration for this video. Not the reverse. T__T, etc.

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