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  • Member: Eternal Flight
  • Title: Broken Wings
  • Premiered: 2005-09-12
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    • Tomoko Tane Broken Wings
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    This amv is dedicated to my eldest sister who is a huge fan of the somewhat odd pairing 'neji and itachi' .. This amv is shounen ai, but no worries, it's extremly, and I mean EXTREMLY mild. Still it was made with the thought of boyboylove in mind. So if you're not a fan of that stuff, you have been warned.

    It wasn't possible for me to use scenes from the anime for the creation of this amv. So I decided I'd better create my own scenes.

    I'm no artist, but I used my mad skills of deception and although the results didn't satisfy me ( neji turned out looking too girly .. in tne anime he's not one bit even CLOSE to being girly .. SHEESH!), I hope they'll serve the fangirls and boys of this pairing (If there are any at all..^-^) .. Don;t get me wrong, the drawings are fairly good.. though I regret now not drawing neji and ita-chan in their original clothes through out the amv..

    As for the song, it's the ending theme of Trinity Blood. Yes, the short version.
    forgive my laziness.

    I based the amv on the scenes of the ending theme of trinity blood too.. Yeah, you can watch the amv, then watch the ending of trinity blood, and compare them to each other.. they're just slightly different. Yes, I'm a complete ripp off.
    forgive my lack of creation.

    This amv was created for the sole purpose of entertaining me.
    So don't worry too much if you happen to hate it.

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