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  • Member: AbsoluteDestiny
  • Studio: Zettai Unmei Anime
  • Title: Gratuitous Porn Video
  • Premiered: 2002-06-20
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    • Mad Caddies Monkeys
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  • Comments: *****************************************
    *******WARNING: This video isn't suitable ********
    ********For people under the age of 18 or********
    *****those with a mental age of more than 8 ******

    This video is silly. Very silly. Almost pantomime. :)

    This video was made for a specific purpose:

    To make sure there were enough entries in the Hentai/Adult category of the Mindwarp Spring/Summer contest 2002 so that videos like MexicanJunior's P.F.S. could finally be in a competition ^_^ Unfortunately it's accidentally beat P.F.S. to win that award, which I felt a bit crap about.

    However, in honour of the wonder that is PFS, the Adult contest shall forever be known as the PFS Award and a bumper was made for this, which will hopefully be added to all future award winning videos.

    It was made on the final day for submissions and it's the stupidest thing I've ever made, ever... well except maybe that Kodocha thing. No, it's more dumb than that.

    Most of the video is crap but I quite like the end.

    This video isn't about anything. It's about shagging but the shagging has nothing to do with the song, I just picked a funny upbeat ska track for humour value.

    The lyrics to the song could be twisted to have something to do with the anime or the video, but it's a stretch. I didn't even know what the lyrics were until half way through the video, so I didn't exactly do much lyrics matching:

    watch out for them monkeys
    those crazy big guys drinking in a bar downtown
    watch out for them monkeys
    They'll knock you right off your feet onto the ground
    They'll take pleasure being hormonally insane
    They'll find solace knocking you right upside the brain

    Yeah, that in no way describes the video, well except maybe being hormonally insane ^_^

    Technical Notes:

    The main video was made using the Japanese DVDs of the compilation Anime Ai no Awawa Hour (volumes 1 and 2). Ebichu is one of the 3 shows on the compilation.

    The banenr was made using Mexican Junior's Points For Sex video which had to be cleaned up immensely - it now looks slightly watercolour but it's now more compressable :)

    The song was shortened by over a minute, I think, and the audio edits are quite harsh because they were done so quickly

    The video was made in a couple of relaxed hours interspersed with giggling.

    I got the song from the compilation album "Honest Don's Greatest Shits" - it's probably on one the the Mad Caddies' albums too but I don't have the album version.

    No Hamsters were hurt during the making of this amv, but one creator's self-esteem has been utterly shattered.

    I feel so cheap.


    Oh, and yes I know the title is a cheap self-ripoff. I won't do it again, promise.

    Awards: Mindwarp Entertainment Spring/Summer 2002 Contest - Best Adult Video "The PFS Award"

    *******WARNING: This video isn't suitable ********
    ********For people under the age of 18 or********
    *****those with a mental age of more than 8 ******

    There are two encodes of this video - one is a 448x336 Divx with 160kbps audio, the other is a 320x240 mpeg1 with 224kbps audio. They are both around 25mb. The divx has more detail but some blocking on some surfaces. The mpeg has been smoothed an awful lot so there's less blocking but there's also much less detail. So it's swings and roundabouts really. This isn't my prettiest encode ever, unfortunately, but not of the smoothing filters were really having much effect on the bad areas except the TMPG one which was too strong, really.

    Thanks to a friend of ErMaC's who wishes to remain anonymous for the hosting. Only the divx version is hosted presently.

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