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  • Member: Devil^Shin
  • Title: Sorrow and Pain
  • Premiered: 2005-09-11
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    • Apocalyptica Until It Sleeps
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    *AEC AMV Contest - 3th November 2005 - Best Drama*
    *Viewers Choice Awards 2006 Semi Finalist Category Instrumental*


    This AMV shows other side of anime Rurouni Kenshin. It shows how much
    sorrow and pain bear main hero of anime. Shows vortex of questions that
    Kenshin ask, but he cannot find an answers. It shows how the legendary
    manslayer, batousai, the best swordsman of world its jentle person, have
    strong feelings and always will love Kaoru and his death wife Tomoe.
    In the begining Kenshin promise to Kaoru that he will come back,
    because for the last time he will fight for good and for peace.
    Next scene shows Kenshin lie down on the ground and remeber his lost wife
    and how much pain feel her little brother when she pass out. Afeter that
    is couple of scenes that Kenshin remeber from his past and there is so
    much pain and hate that he give to other people. But there is still one
    person who love him and want to share his psychic and physical pain.
    For that person Kenshin live, although his body slow die tear to pieces.
    That person is Kaoru, his second love. In Kenshin's mind there is just
    one reflection - to back home and see for the last time his love, before
    he die. That reflection keep him alive and move his body forward.
    In the end Kenshin its finally home and found peace, his curse its
    broke and he rest in eternal sleep.
    I'm not show everything into a linear story, I show things disorderly and
    incoherently, because in our minds there is just too little things that is linear.
    When I work on this AMV there is much feelings that float into my
    heart. I want everybody to feel that too. Not pain, not sorrow. To
    feel love and anxiety that come out from Kenshin's heart and in his
    situation can be anyone, to live only for one smile, for one hug, for one kiss.


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