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  • Member: breeman
  • Studio: Cryptic Aura Studios
  • Title: Sandrider
  • Premiered: 2005-09-12
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    • Star One Sandrider
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  • Comments: This video took way too long...

    I started this video, probably before The Path of Least Resistance... I can't remember, but it was way back last summer. I had started it, then took a break to work on some other videos while I waited for more footage to become available as new Naruto episodes were coming out. I also needed to download a couple Raw episodes that I didn't have (just so it would be the best quality possible). Then I let the video sit for a while, it wasn't until the Gaara Vs. Kimimaro fight that I started to work more on the video.

    So... I finally got to work, and it took a lot of work and timing, and I finally finished this video. Probably one of the hardest videos I've made, but i'm proud with the results. It definately does Gaara justice, and acts as a sequal to my "Enter Gaara" video, using all the footage that wasn't available for "Enter Gaara". I'm glad it took so long, because now that the Naruto dub has started, it should get many downloads.

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