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  • Member: Anime_AJ
  • Title: Unleash The Fury
  • Premiered: 2005-09-11
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    • Linkin Park Breaking the Habit
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  • Comments: My second Fatal Fury AMV. I came up with the idea before leaving Guam, just shortly after starting work on "Don't Turn Away". I had been listening to Linkin Park's Meteora album when I got to hearing the song I used in this vid. I like this song, its one of my faves. It reminded me of Terry Bogard (in a way) and that's when I decided to do a Terry Bogard vid. Its a character profile, sort of. You might think otherwise, but for me, the scenes I chose are what I think (in this amv) tell his story about what's worth fighting for to him. Or why he fights, really. This amv is about him fighting to avenge the ones he loves and to end his anger and not be Terry "Lone Wolf" Bogard anymore. [please visit my site!]

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