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  • Member: Ingow
  • Studio: Powerstorm Studios
  • Title: Simple Moves
  • Premiered: 2005-09-08
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  • Song:
    • t.A.T.u. Prostie Dvizheniya
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This video is about simple moves - actually.

    I can't tell you how much time I've spent on this but it's quite a lot considering that it's ME we're talking about here. Since I've become a Тату fan I just had to do an AMV to on of their songs - but - it had to be something new, as always: Originality comes first. When I had downloaded the sample of a new song coming from their new album I also found my way to the original music clip. Well, as the lyrics suggest, it's about simple moves/motions, very artistic. I just knew from that point on that Key as the anime would fit perfectly to this kind of image, that's why I started editing. And as I thought the combination of both items was flowing together perfectly. Without getting backup motivation from Warheart, I might not have been able to finish this because it was a project I couldn't possibly finish in only 3 days. I had to keep going, because I loved the idea.

    One important thing about this is the use of effects: none. No AE, no Vegas, my style, Oldschool till the end my friends. Fades, Speed, one b/w effect and that's about it. All the synching was done by using scenes as they are in the series. This is not supposed to be a character profile, it just got a theme. And that "theme" is the simple moves. Even though the video kinda also tells the story of Key I tried to focus on how effectful and how much power can be produced just by a few motions. That as well was a nice thing for me as someone always being against overlaping heartless 3D Multitasking Effects without soul. Key actually doesn't have much action, what you see in this AMV is probaly what you get when watching the anime.

    Well, I guess that's about it. Hope you enjoy.


    Lyrics (english):

    I continue ; Simple moves
    You continue my continuations
    I am you, and you are me
    I repeat, you repeat.
    If you want to be silent,
    Wait until it stops.
    If you want keys, two turns around.
    If you want yours, If you want somebody's,
    If you want be like me
    And I continue

    Simple moves, I continue!

    Simple moves..

    We continue, simple moves
    We continue for continuation
    Don't ask me those questions
    just let's move simple.
    This is love,
    Springs are jumping.
    Tomorrow everyone
    Can be smaller than a snowflake.
    We have to be on time, not refusing.
    We should be able to continue to live.

    Simple moves, continuing to live...

    Simple moves... [...]
    (Where are you?) [...]


    Lyrics (russian):

    Ya prodolzhayu prostie dvizheniya,
    Ty prodolzhaesh moi prodolzhen'ya
    Ya eto ti, a ti eto ya
    I ya povtoryayu, ya provtoryayu

    Hochesh' molchi, zhdi chto proidyot
    A hochesh' klyuchi, dva oborata.
    Hochesh' svoya, hochesh' chuzhaya,
    Hochesh' kak ya' I ya prodolzhayu'

    Prostye dvizheniya, ya prodolzhayu!

    Prostye dvizheniya...

    My prodolzhaem prostye dvizheniya,
    Unichtozhaem, kak porazhenie
    Gde-to nahodish', gde-to teryaesh'
    Ya povtoryayu, ty povtoryaesh'

    Eto lyubov' skachut pruzhinki,
    Zavtra lyuboi men'she snezhinki,
    Nado uspet' nevozrazhaya,
    Nado umet' zhit prodolzhaya,

    Prostye dvizheniya, ya prodolzhayu!

    Prostye dvizheniya...


    P.S.: I didn't want to create a new entry but the correct way to write down the music source would be Тату - Простые Движения.

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