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  • Member: Alexandr_{AYES}_Boukharov
  • Title: Nyctereutes procyonoides in psychedelic
  • Premiered: 2005-09-03
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    • Civil Defence Tanuki's song
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  • Comments: Every spring in the woods near Moscow, a new breed of bandits appear - packs of dogs gone wild. They don't spare anything in the forest - not the fawn, not the elk, not the racoons. Even humans should fear an encounter with them...

    In the spring the dogs go mad, something heady appears in their eyes, a fierce fire lights up, shivers run through their hide, and these pets, the usually-tame mutts, suddenly stop recognizing their owners. They form packs, run off, leave the villages and cities for the forests. - Those b-bitches, - losing his patience, cursed Serebryannikov. It was very unusual for him to swear. But the saddest of all - he soon found not only mauled and torn-up fawn, but also mauled racoons. Racoons are naive and helpless creatures, completely harmless, with a gorgeous striped pelt that would look good in any hunter's trophy collection. And the racoons themselves look good in the forest. Two torn-up racoons - a male and a pregnant female, - lay on the ground near the green shoots of grass. Apparently, the racoon tried to protect its' home - a small burrow, seen nearby, but could not defend neither its' home nor its' partner - the dogs proved stronger.

    = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + =

    Q: What the
    A: This is video in "psychedelic" genre. If you want, this is big hallucination of tanuki, who ate wrong mushrooms. ;_)) Music, storyline, ect. is psyhedelic things.

    Q: What about music?
    A: This is psyhedelic group and music is copy music of 60 years. There are quoted "The Beatles" and other groups. Ecological motives + love to the nature = video about war of tanukis and humans. This band is so popular in Russia, it sounds on "glamour" radio. ;)

    Q: What the storyline?
    A: You can see everything, everything! I against unequivocal treatment. But... this video about magic judgement day: tanki casting spells, and humans burn and flood. But... this is one of many treatments, of course!

    Q: What the white flash? I hate it!
    A: Okay. This work is psyhedelic, isn't is?

    Q: Who is "nyctereutes procyonoides"?
    A: This is tanuki on latin!

    Q: I didn't quite understand why Mononoke was added in there. The same goes for the Game Gear and such. Another thing I be wondering about is the video description. Also, the effects seemed a tad overdone.
    A: Mononoke was added for explanation, why tanukis used black magic against humans. The war between peoples and nature was everytime and concerned not only racoon dogs. Power of magic they take from the psychodelic experiences (like shamans this type of "nature" magic so popular). "Game Gear and such" is hallucinations in this trip. Nobody can control it I can't too. =^_______^=

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