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  • Member: Warheart
  • Studio: Globocide Productions
  • Title: Ashes of the Coming Dawn
  • Premiered: 2005-09-05
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  • Song:
    • Dark Tranquillity No One
  • Anime:
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  • Comments: Some Quotes:

    - Sierra Lorna: "Impressive video."

    - Flint: "Damn good shit."

    - dcdeveloperx: "The syncage was pure secks"

    - Koop:"A good amv experience and I;m glad to have been able to see it"

    Progress started: 26.6
    Progress complete: 5.9
    Time spent: ~80 hours (Editing) + ~6 hours (Clipping) + ~7 Export



    A Video I wanted to do for a long time. Since my first amv lacked technical knowhow I think I wasn't able to express what the music means to me. Thus I made another Dark Tranquillity AMV, they are the best band out there for sure and maybe I can convince you to get yourself an album too ;P. It's one of their unreleased tracks from the Projector-recordings (only to be found on Exposures), it's a song with to sides and thus the AMV has it's calm moments as well as some nice actionparts. It's nothing like Wardancer or Lonesome Wolf though, I think you'll agree.


    Main Comments:

    When it comes to the anime I sure have alot to say since the conceptpapers and storyboardsheets I made surpassed even those of my Connichi amv (out 18.9.) The combination of the song and anime came quite natural since the lyrics fit the main character Date Kyoske and I had to think about an amv after I watched the anime and then heard the song a few minutes later. I always wanted to do a video that combines nice action with a strong emotional touch as well as a freaky optic and I guess this is what I did. The editing was intense and sometimes I needed a bit help about finding some technical hideouts for the sync but I had the great advantage the video's flow was just cut into chapters with different storyfragments so I was able to search for an individual editingstyle for all the single chapters which made it easier to find a summing overall concept for synchage an effects which I planned even before I started. The video uses alot of coloreffects to support the weird make up of Soultaker which is already nice and trippy, I also used some multiscreens to show the relation between certain scenes and storyparts. But like in my Connichi Video I abused the Glow and B/W I guess some people will kill me for doing that ;-). And this is the first time I used PI3 for some backgrounds and the Intro, it's a nice little program. The rest of the amv consists of Stopmotion, Motion and Editing Sync (this time there are no flashes).


    Story & Idea:

    As you might have seen after watching the video it's slightly parted into chapters dealing with certain persons Date Kyoske meets during his journey to find the truth. This video shows the loss of all the persons he holds dear (even those how didn't die in the series). I tried to expose a bit of the anger a bit of the sorrow he feels and so the main trades of his character. The video should not be seen chronologically because I ordered the parts not in such an order but how I thought they should be ordered taking the music as well as the series into account. For example the original beginning of the series is the last scene of my video to get the viewer to see what caused all the action he witnessed before, and the heartacing solitude Kyoske bears after loosing everyone is showed in the first part of the video as an exposition or mybe as a forseeing what will happen after my video is over. Like in all my videos you can seperate the story from the anime and my video if you like otherwise you might not understand what I build there, but actually it's not really important cause I know there are people who understand the sense in my videos and people who don't, I guess thats normal ain't it ? ^___^

    But as always it's about a lone warrior trying to find his way in live and a way to survive the pain, not to give up not to give in. A struggle that continues. It's different from Wardancer and Lonesome Wolf but the core is nearly the same when it comes to the characterdescription.


    Programms used:

    Adobe Audition 1.5
    Adobe After Effects 6
    Adobe Premiere 6.5
    Particle Illusions 3
    Virdubmod 1.6
    Avisynth 2.64


    Lyrics by Mikael Stanne

    uncontrolled spaces
    lifeless til provoked
    deep uncharted oceans
    nonexistent til claimed
    great raging fires

    when there is no one
    when no one is mine
    the no one is me
    the no one is me
    me, me, me, me

    tall reaching branches
    pointless to even try
    countless flaming cities
    measured without cost
    all-seeing eyes
    without stories to tell

    inside the orchard there's a scent of devilry
    as was in my heart
    ...the sweetness overripe...
    rancid in attempt to overcome the shackles
    if only the soil could hold

    when there is no one
    when no one is mine
    the no one is me

    when there is no one
    when no one is mine
    the no one is me
    the no one is me

    when there is no one
    when no one is mine
    the no one is me
    the no one is me

    the wide open wound
    won't heal without purpose
    it never stops
    the wide open wound
    that never heals
    the no one is me
    the no one is me


    Final Words:

    Actually I wanted to release it on my birthday but I just couldn't wait to get some comments, and since I release another amv next week I tough it's might be a bit much to release 2 vids in just one week.

    Special thanks to:
    Tormentor, Ingow and the Globocide Crew for motivating me and keeping my doing this.

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