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  • Member: Kai Stromler
  • Title: still waters fall frozen
  • Premiered: 2005-09-05
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    • Iron Horse Unforgiven
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  • Comments: This video is about love and the power it has to free us. It is also about the real world and the power it has to continually keep us in chains.

    Shin Hats video #103 is very much an "it is what it is" video. It's serious, and what it's doing is not immediately describable by any of the normal captions. Depending on your mindset, it is eminently possible to either laugh or cry with this video, which would not have been the case if I had used the original version of the song.

    For me, this was an exercise in doing an old-school SH video again, plus the added onus of editing to bluegrass, which combines quick tempos with no percussion. Cutting on the riff is the name of the game, and that's what I've been about since the very start.

    No lipsynch, but effects are all over the place, mostly advancing the chain motif, but on occasion either helping compose shots that didn't exist or just mucking up the picture. There are more artful ways to modify white levels in multiple clips than the way I did, but none quicker. I am a big believer in Robert Rodriguez's meme on "moving at the speed of thought", and applying this to this video I believe helped me get some of my old punch back.

    There is a text gag in the first third of the video that operates on several levels. On the first, it's a straight transcription of a meme that was around back before Metallica cut their hair, and which you may have seen on t-shirts from the early to mid-'90s. On the second, it's a gag-riff on this meme given what's used for the last element in the phrase, and on the third it's a rather cruel (yet not entirely undeserved) lyric-synch joke mainly on the third element. This is what happens when people who write papers on German literature are allowed to make music videos.

    The title is a reference to a Sentenced song, but I was unable to work the piece itself into the video. Too bad.

    Shin Hats Self-Grade:B+/A-. Not perfect, but it's a good restart.
    stats: #clips: 260. average length: 1.19 seconds. total time: 21 hours.

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