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  • Member: Pwolf
  • Studio: Pwolf's Anime Music Video's
  • Title: VG3 Project - Track 19 - Spy Tension
  • Premiered: 2005-09-23
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    • VgABoy Spy Tension
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  • Comments: Hmm lets see. lemme start at the begining.

    After making a video for the RVG project and marveling in it's awesomeness, i really wanted to do one for VG3. My original idea was to use Final Fantasy 7. i spent a lot of time getting 3d models and thinking of ideas. unfortunately, they didn't work. It wasn't until the deadline start getting closer that i needed to change my idea. i started looking into duck hunt ideas but after seeing one of the videos int he project, i decided against it. Castor then mentioned there were no Metal Gear Solid videos. so naturaly i decided to look it up. I found a few remixes, none of them being very spectacular for editing a video. So, i started working on the video without having a 100% clear decision on which song i was gona use.

    The menu:
    The menu was created in After Effects using Illustrator for the logo and photoshop for the center image. I tried to duplicate the MGS menu as well as i could but giving it a unique FMP look to it.

    The Com:
    This was done in After Effects also. The interface was replicated in Illustrator. I tried to get it pretty much exact and if i had noticed one sinlge detail, it would be just about exact. but i was already to far along by the time i noticed it. The meter in the middle is set to raise and fall to the music (thanks to Zarxrax for helping me find the right way to do it :P). The dialog i originally used was going to set the scene for a small story. but after editing the video to the song i finally decided to use... it didn't work. SO, in order to make it work, i decided to go for the comedic route. and i think it worked out.

    The Video:
    The video... well the song is called "Spy Tension" and i think i did that pretty well. i didn't want to use the whole song so i cut it. The video is basically a recording of a surveilance camera. the time code at the bottom is the playback timecode and there are two title screnes showing you where and what time each segement is supposed to be. I added noise to the video as well to give it the right look. While i was editing the video, i came across the very begining of FMP and noticed the Hind Helocopter. just happens to be a Hind helocopter in MGS too :P was was always really awesome was the weather in both the FMP footage and MGS. snow... i thought using those scenes together would be just awesome and i did it.

    Closing comments:
    I'm kinda of sick of this video. i think it's better then my RVG one, but i was looking at encode screens for 72 hours trying to finish this video by the deadline. i've also had to watch the entire thing over and over and over and over... and i still managed to miss things. i'm happy to say though, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH IT! (so i hope -_-).

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