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  • Member: harph
  • Title: Lucy Shot Me Down
  • Premiered: 2005-09-03
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    • Audio Bullys feat. Nancy Sinatra Shot Me Down
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  • Comments: LUCY SHOT ME DOWN

    My second amv is finally finished :) what can I say, I spent about 2 weeks working on it and had much fun. It's not perfect, you'll probably find many things that I missed or are not so well made, but I'm doing it just for my own fun and educational purposes (finally got into encoding a bit).

    I concentrated on the effects and synching with the music, which I believe worked out pretty nicely. I even added like 2 seconds of lip sync ;D but I think that doesn't count so I didn't check it in the box...

    Anyway beware of the bloody scenes, because Elfen Lied is really full of them so I just had to include them. If you don't like stuff like that, you may be disturbed ;)

    I guess that's all, enjoy...

    ADVERTISMENT: My first AMV ;) If you want, check it out too:

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