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  • Member: Asahikari_01
  • Studio: Asahikari Produictions
  • Title: Have This Heart to Break (Revised Edition)
  • Premiered: 2005-09-01
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    • Billy Joel And So It Goes
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    (11/6/05): Romance finalist, Nekocon 8!
    (11/15/05): Drama finalist, Youmacon!
    (2/13/06): Played at Ushicon GO! (Does that count as being a finalist or not? I'm tempted to say yes.... in the words of the con's AMV contest coordinator: "It ran, and I didn't hear any loud booing." Close enough.) ^_^
    (3/27/05): Romance finalist, Tekkoshocon!
    (4/17/06): Romance finalist (sorta-kinda...), Ani-zona 02!
    (5/26/06): Finalist, Anime North!
    (6/1/06): Finalist, Animazement!

    This is the revised version of "Have This Heart to Break".
    The first version, I think, was pretty well done. But, being made with only the first Koi Kaze DVD, it suffered from the limitations inherent to any AMV made with just the first DVD. After watching the second and third volumes, it was crystal-clear to me that a more definitive version needed - needed - to be made.
    How different is it from the original? Well, the story and the message are unchanged. The story of Koshiro and Nanoka loving and needing each other, regardless of the repercussions, is unchanged. About half the footage, however, is different or switched around. That, in itself, was a difficult decision for me with some of the clips. The urge to retain some of them, for - surprise, surprise - sentimentality's sake was surprisingly strong. But I believe the finished product justifies the changes made, and those preferring the original clips are more than welcome to like the original version of the video better. ^_^

    ....So, how have my feelings on this series changed after watching it to the end?
    Well, I like it even more than I did when I made the first version of "Have This Heart to Break".
    And my feelings on Koshiro and Nanoka are even more set in stone now.
    I hope, after watching this video, you feel the same.

    Once again, this is for April-koishii.

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