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  • Member: AbaddonAMV
  • Studio: Abaddon Studios
  • Title: We Don't Owe You Anything
  • Premiered: 2002-06-12
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    • Foo Fighters I'll Stick Around
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  • Comments: *09/02/02* 2nd Runner Up in Action category Animefest 2002

    This vid is set to the Foo Fighter's "I'll Stick Around", using Gainax's final series FLCL. This is a very complex series and honestly, it's one of the weirdest anime's in existence. When I thought of this song I realized that it was a perfect fit for the series.
    This is my first true action vid since DBZ - Sandstorm. It's got hyperkinetic action sequences for the fast parts but it also has some dramatic elements. I think as far as technical editing goes this may be my best work to date. But I'll leave that for you to decide =)


    I feel a little explanation is in order as this vid won't completely make sense unless you have a complete understanding of FLCL (which took me about 3 times to get). If you've watched the series then it's obvious that Naota is Haruko's pawn that she is using to get to Atomsk. What is not so obvious is that Amarao was also Haruko's pawn, on a planet that she had previously visited while searching for Atomsk. In fact he is very similar to Naota. She uses the N-O gates in both of their heads. They both like sweet drinks. And Haruko must have told him that he was too immature to come with her when she left his planet, just as she did with Naota (although he obviously took it alot harder). This is why Amarao wears the eyebrows to look mature (they also function as a block on the N-O gate.)
    So in the first chorus, Amarao is trying to stop Haruko, basically he is saying to her "I don't owe you anything". Much like at the end of the series, Naota realizes that Haruko doesn't really care about him or his planet, and he uses the power she is trying to get against her. Hence the title of the vid "We Don't Owe You Anything".

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