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  • Member: Ean
  • Studio: Deathgate Studios
  • Title: Everyday Life
  • Premiered: 2005-08-31
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    • Robert Miles Everyday Life
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  • Comments: The idea for this video came to me about 2 years ago (2003) and has been sitting, gathering dust, in the back of my head ever since. Work on the video began in late 2004 but it was put on hold due to my extremely time consuming life at school... The project was off and on until June 2005 when I resumed work and finished completing the remaining editing (87% of the video).

    The title of both this AMV and the song used reflect the idea behind the video, “Everyday Life”.

    I chose to use RahXephon for footage because it seemed to place an emphasis on the main character’s, Ayato Kamina, life outside of being the pilot of the RahXephon. I think in the anime you can see that his life (while in Tokyo Jupiter) is pretty repetitive (just like the average person). The same routine everyday… it’s not just repetitive, it’s a little boring. It also seems like he feels that something’s missing or is wrong with the world around him, a feeling which inspires curiosity and eventually leads him outside the boundaries of Tokyo Jupiter and into a world different than his own. In the ‘outside’ world his experiences and the emotions that they arouse in him range from one extreme to the next. His journey throughout the anime seems to be a journey of self-realization, learning to become comfortable with himself and others, regardless of everyone’s faults, and discovering how to handle the trials and tribulations that is experienced in everyday life.

    The video has 3 main parts (technically 5 parts: 3 main, with 2 transitions) each of which covers Ayato’s journey to self-realization. The first (1) section of the video covers his life in Tokyo Jupiter. It briefly shows the repetitiveness of his life, and his feeling that something is missing or is wrong in the world he lives in. The section (T1) with the “piano keys” is a transition section showing the things/people that he’s leaving behind and the things/people that he befriends in his ‘new’ life. The next (2) section covers his life in the world outside, the feeling that he doesn’t belong, and his yearning for home, regardless of its faults. The next section (T2) (a long break in the lyrics) is another transition in which through the RahXephon he discovers that everyone goes through struggles in their lives and that he is not the only one. The final (3) section is just supposed to be how he begins to accept life for what it is, a roller coaster of emotions and experiences.

    It’s a long song (8:01) and that’s cut down from its original 10+ mins… anyways, enjoy.

    ::: Lyrics :::

    Maybe this world is just a broken mirror
    Reality in reverse
    Maybe it's just a shadow
    Of a parallel universe
    I don't know
    Why do I want to go there?
    Why do I really care?
    Why should I climb a mountain?
    Find your way - if you dare

    There's a universal language I shall learn to speak
    Maybe then I will find the answers that I seek
    And I will fly to higher ground high above the clouds
    See the stars up closer watch the world go around


    Why do I want to go there?
    Why do I really care?
    Why should I climb a mountain?
    Find your way - if you dare

    A universal language we can learn to speak
    Talk with our creator
    No more hide and seek
    Global understanding
    An end to all this strive
    Seems to me the only challenge that we have is everyday life

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