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  • Member: melrose
  • Studio: MFP Productions
  • Title: Yuna's Journey
  • Premiered: 2005-08-31
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    • Aaliyah Journey to the Past
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  • Comments: Winner: AMV using Game Footage at Nan Desu Kan

    General Info:
    I had not made a video in a while and wanted to. I was looking through my music and found Aaliyah's version of "Journey to the Past" from the moive Anastasia and thought it worked very nicely with Final Fantasy X and X-2. The only thing that was keeping me from doing it was that i had no idea how to rip a PS2 game. I wanted the picture to have good qaulity and capturing it just looked so bad. I had just about given up when I found out how to rip and there was much rejoying...Yeah!! Thus my new Final Fantasy video was created. Then I saw that the Nan Desu Kan was closing in so I made the video and entered my very first contest. And I won. Yes I won best video entered with video game footage. Not bad for my first con, Please let me know what you think of my new video. Any comments can only help me get better. Thank you and enjoy the video.

    Video Info:
    This video concentrate mostly on Yuna and her life. There are still some very good parts with her and Tidus, but I tried to make the video focus more on her. Yuna has gone through some changes in her life and she is traveling down a new road. This is Yuna's journey.

    Music info:
    Like all my videos, I do have an opening, but i choose not to have end credits this time. It seemed to fit the song better not to have one. My boyfriend had me listen to a band called Nightwish and I liked them. So i decided to create my opening credits to "Angels Fall First" by Nightwish. For the main song I have Aaliyah's version of "Journey to the Past" from Anastasia. I choose the Aaliyah version because it sounded better. The other version (as much as I like it) sounded to much like a broadway musical for this type of video. So my decision was made. I have the lyrics listed here in case anyone wanted to see them.
    Heart don't fail me now,
    Courage don't desert me,
    Don't turn back now that we're here.

    People always say,
    Life is full of choices,
    No one ever mentions fear.

    Or how our road can seem so long,
    How the road can seem so vast.
    Courage see me through,
    Heart I'm trusting you,
    On this journey to the past.

    Somewhere down this road,
    I know someone's waiting,
    Years of dreams just can't be wrong.

    Arms will open wide,
    I'll be safe and wanted,
    Finally home where I belong.

    Well starting here my life begins,
    Starting now I'm learning fast.
    Courage see me through,
    Heart I'm trusting you on this journey to the past.

    Heart don't fail me now courage don't desert me.




    There was once a time I must have had them to.




    I will never be complete until I find you hey.
    One step at a time,
    One hope then another,
    Who knows where this road may go.

    Back to who I was,
    On to find my future,
    Things my heart still needs to know.

    Yes let this be a sign,
    Let this road be mine,
    Let it lead me to my past.

    Courage see me through,
    Heart I'm trusting you,
    To bring me home,
    At last,
    At last,
    Ooh (courage see me through heart I'm trusting you)
    hey yeaah (repeat)

    Nothing to fansy here. I have a few color grads, transitions, and flashed, but didn't want to over do the effects. It is not a very fast paced video so i found less effects to be more effectful :)

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