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  • Member: Braelin
  • Studio: Space For More Marbles
  • Title: Endsville Is Burning
  • Premiered: 2005-08-30
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  • Song:
    • Elliott Smith Can't Make A Sound
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Finally, the long awaited 2nd installation of "Space For More Marbles Studios" is finished. This new addition to the collection is a focus on the characters Momimi and Cantide (with some Atomsk for good measure) from the neurosis known to Otakus everywhere as Fooly Cooly.
    Definately one of my favorite animes, it's been a host to songs which also revel in it's own psychotic glory and spastic charm, so i wanted to use a song which reflected a more melancholic and relaxed feel. "Can't Make A Sound" by Elliot Smith definitely shows the opposite of the series' bipolar charm, with it's generally acoustic feel and chromatic overtones setting apart from most popular music. I really hope you enjoy it.
    A little information, all footage and sound is from it's original DVD and CD source (respectively). All editing, save for one trasparency effect, was fabricated through Sony Vegas and was quite a bit to compress. I have a high resoulition version on the computer but at 485MB it is ovbiously over the 100MB limit. I was finally able, after three days of attempts, to come to a compromise with the computer for a 74MB version, enjoy...

    ...Also, a special thanks goes out to JaddziaDax for her input and support... and her computer...

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