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  • Member: Yorae
  • Title: Obsession
  • Premiered: 2005-09-01
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    • Muse Our Time Is Running Out
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  • Comments: **********This AMV is based on a fanfiction that I read on The title of the story is "Hebi no Tsubaki" and is written by the very talented "The Ambitious Blank". The main theme of obsession and revengein the AMV is driven directly from this story, and I credit the author fully for the theme/concept of the AMV ^_^ **********

    You can check out this amazing story at :

    Still, due to the nature of the footage and lack of a variety of clips needed, I ended up kinda improvising on the sequences of events and on the overall scenario of the story. The ending was also different than the story, but the second to final part was attempted to reflect the final part of the fanfiction.

    It would help if you read "Hebi no Tsubaki", but I hope you'll get the idea of the AMV even if you weren't a keen fanfic reader.

    This AMV was an attempt to animate a story, meaning it carries a somewhat original scenario than the anime. The AMV focuses on the character of Kaguya Kimimaro, and moves on in a story-line way to reveal the different feelings Kimimaro manifests as he lays in his bed dying. The AMV can be divided into three parts:

    1)The first part of the AMV presents the viewer to Kimimaro's "fascination" with Orochimaru, the one who had "saved" him and hailed him as a perfect being. Orochimaru wanted Kimimaro for his body, but Kimimaro only saw him as his "savior" and the one who he is forever indebted to.

    2)The second part of the AMV shows Kimimaro's realization that he was not Orochimaru's "only one" as previosely believed. Someone new is introduced; Sasuke. From here he starts to feel jealousy and envy towards Orochimaru's new found toy.

    3) In the third part, Kimimaro plots his revenge against everyone who has "stolen" Orochimaru from him, and the story ends.

    Also, throughout the AMVs there are parts that don't seem to fit in the story and are random action and flashback scenes. These occur about between Part two and part three mostly, and are an indication of Kimimaro's inner thoughts; his chaotic and obsessive self which cannot let go of his memories and love for Orochimaru.

    Putting this AMV together was fun *when* I knew what clips to use. I played around with the camera pans, the croppings and a bit of masking here and there. Also, the "tv static" effect is used a lot to point out the parts which are flashbacks. The rest of the editting is pretty straight forward with mostly clip manipulation to force the clips to match the story I was trying to tell.

    Time: This took one month to put together and was my final project for the summer vacation. ^^

    Again, the story of this AMV is very different than that of the anime. There is no Sasuke rescue arc here, and there are a lot of character deaths and stuff, so be warned.

    That being said, I hope you enjoy this AMV~! (spreads Kimi luff

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