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  • Member: FungieŻ
  • Studio: Baka Deshi Productions!
  • Title: Gravity
  • Premiered: 2002-10-19
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    • Enigma Gravity of Love
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  • Comments: Updated notes as of July 19, 2005.

    This video was something that I'd been planning ahead for months. I spent a lot of time figuring out what scenes would go where in my head, how the lights would hit the beats, etc. However, being an inexperienced editor, I handled a lot of the technical details of this video badly. I took both the DivX AVIs and converted them into 352x240 MPEG-1 files. Both files had different resolutions, so the first somehow came out a perfect square, and the other came out with black lines on the sides, hence why 3/4 of the video has those horrible black bars on the sides.

    The editing took 2 hours, maybe 3 tops. Some things just fell into place the way I had invisioned them, like the lights hitting the beats. Other things were accidental, like the intro which turned out okay. Some things that I had planned out and spent time on still didn't look good enough. The ending is absolutely horrible. It was supposed to end nicely with the two of them zooming out watching the TV together. However, I didn't know how to crop subtitles, so by the time the subtitles had ended, the anime itself had already started the fade out, hence why it looks so terrible.

    If you look closely (or maybe not even that closely), you'll see a lot of technical bloopers in this video. Tons of loose frames are visible, subtitles show up twice (including a very out of place "Jerk!" at the bottom of the screen which is quite embarrassing), and the quality is overall very poor. The video was compressed out of Premiere very poorly (I believe I used something like Indeo or Cinepak) and then from there into an ever lower quality MPEG-1. Lots of generation loss = lots of pixellation.

    This video was actually screened at Yaoi-con 2002, and apparently got a very nice reaction. At the time I made this, I was very proud of myself actually, and this definately sets a milestone for me. I finally got the basics of timing down (sort of...) and had even tried a few cool beat-sync's.

    Looking back on this video, it's not a strong video overall, but it gets the job done. The DVD for the OVA's is coming out this fall, and I plan on purchasing it and using it to remake the video, possibly with the TV series in it as well. The footage sometimes simply does not exist, and it makes breaks in the mood several times, but there are scenes in the TV series I could use. But I am proud of this video, as it was a giant leap over my previous Shoujo Kakumei Utena game video.

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