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  • Member: SephirothJenova
  • Studio: Studio Aka kumo
  • Title: Red VS Blue - Anime Style!
  • Premiered: 2005-08-29
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    • Red VS Blue Episode 1 Audio
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  • Comments: Anime Used:
    Neon Genesis: Evangelion (Original R1 DVDs)
    End of Evangelion
    Gundam Wing

    Audio Used:
    Red VS Blue - Episode 1

    Time Taken: On and off for eight months!

    I'm editing with the same sytem and software that I have been for the past couple of years. Although in this one I used a bit more After Effects than before. If notice the "sweatdrop parade" when Duo is talking about his hair, that's basically the only effect using After Effects with over 125 sweatdrops.

    It'll be fun for Halo and Red VS Blue fans, but I believe most of the AMV community will refrain from watching this video. I doubt that anyone will actually read this, but I put a decent effort into this video. I've gone through this idea with three whole reformats and 8 months of on and off editing. Also the Evangelion R1 DVDs are so messed up that different episodes would have different borders around them and to get rid of these borders I would have to sometimes find the original clip I used from the DVDs. You would think it's easy since most of the clips I used are pretty easy to find, except for the one clip of NERV headquarters. Apparently the series uses the clip like 40 times, except that each clip is a little different.

    Also I did some color correction, smoothing, and sharpening on the entire video using AVS filters. And some of you may think that a 34MB video is rather small these days, but following the guides and such...this video is as full mp3 audio and full XviD video. I was doing a two-pass system with my video, but with a filesize of only 30MB on the first pass I thought that I could just use it as is. And the audio is as high as possible with only a filesize of 5MB.

    I'd like to have opinions on this, because it is my first time using lip syncing and my first attempt at a comedy video. If you'd like to get the details (AVS scripts or how I did certain effects) you can get me on the Org's IRC chatroom or on AIM as SephirothGW4.

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