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  • Member: Gnuffiehot
  • Title: Metropolis - AMV
  • Premiered: 2005-08-29
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    • Earshot Wait
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  • Comments: My second AMV up to date.

    This here AMV I made with the use of Vegas 5 (I have 6, but find 5 to be more stable for now). I only had one day to make this AMV but I think it turned out well, seeing that I didn't make an AMV for months and that this is the secodn time I've even seen the program Vegas >.>

    The source for the images was a original dvd I have lying around which I ripped. The timing of the scenes isn't perfect, and also the middle part of the AMV is a bit 'random' (using the words of a friend here >.>). I tried to find music that I could use some images on, but it didn't work out as good as I had hoped for in the beginning. Also, I realized (after rendering the video >.>) that the second time around, they don't say 'hear' but they say 'heal' >.> (that's what you get for not having english as your primary language >.>).

    Also, the intro is a bit flashy >.> Sry for that. I got kinda carried away at a friends place and that's the intro we made there >.> I won't be doing that again anytime soon. Also, I don't know if adding the text at the ending was such a good idea (especially since one of them is wrong >..>

    All in all, don't kill me >.< It's made in about 5 hours and rendering took me another 3 (it just didn't want to work out somehow, the rendering >.>) I'll promise to make a better AMV next time. I'll have more time then a day >.> (also, I want to thank the people who rated/commented on my first AMV. It really made me feel good inside ^_^)

    This AMV is made for a contest btw, an animeconvention called 'Abunai' in The Netherlands.

    I hope you enjoy this video ^_^ I would also like to ask if you would comment on it after seeing it. I would like some feedback before I start my next Amv. Thanks in advance ^_^


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