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  • Member: Gepetto
  • Studio: Byakugan AMV Productions
  • Title: Endless Sacrifice
  • Premiered: 2005-08-28
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  • Song:
    • Dream Theater Endless Sacrifice
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  • Comments: 7 months of weekend work. (have to study =P)

    I've been wanting to do a video on this song for quite some time. It's thirteen minutes long, so I cut it down to +- five. From the first DT album I bought, and their best song in my oppinion.

    Ironically enough, it's about a long-distance relationship and it so happens that today (the day I finished the video) my girlfriend went to canada as an exchange student (or whatever you call that in English). Shigataganai, ne? She'll be back only in february...

    I think it's a great song for an AMV, I had a lot of fun using it, finding the beats and etc. It's great to work with a song you like.

    For the lyrics, visit

    No comments. 2 DVDs, 4 VHS-rips, 2 raws and 2 fansubs

    30GB HD and 256MB RAM with a 1.7GHz Celeron

    The GIMP 2.2.4 for image treatment
    Adobe Premiere 6.0 for the video editing
    VirtualDubMod and AviSynth 2.5 for filtering, resizing and post-production
    TMPGEnc for encoding

    I got the idea for the partition (or watever you call it in English) from Shounen Bushido. On the verse "Let the music take you high" a little partition appears with random notes playing over it. I brought up the idea in my head and it seemed to match perfectly with the song. Also, my notes aren't random =P
    The scenes match the idea of the song (which is clearer if you read the entire lyrics) about long-distace relationships, adapted (by the lyric-clipping) to be about any relationship that has difficult obstacles (and i don't necessarily mean a romantic relationship, as shinji x rei and naruto x sasuke make an appearance in the vid). Not a standard romantic video, though. Gets more "actiony" in the choruses. Without losing focus, of course.

    troublesome, but fun. I enjoyed making this vid the most and out of all my projects (only 9 so far) it was by far the best one, on my oppinion. I'm really fond of 7 Ways to Remove a Logo too, but I prefer this kind of videos over comedy amvs.

    I hope everyone enjoys this video and i look forward to the day i make another one that gives me as much pleasure as Endless Sacrifice did. Above all, I hope to keep improving and being more able to turn my ideas into art as faithfully as possible, being amvs my only artistic escape valve currently.

    that said, please enjoy and if possible leave an op or im me or whatever (i really just care about getting feedback, not the grades)


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