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  • Member: OtakuOutpost
  • Studio: Otaku Outpost
  • Title: Top o Nerae Tribute
  • Premiered: 2002-04-26
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    • Danny Elfman Edward Scissorhands
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  • Comments: This video is a drama video. It assumes you've seen Top o Nerae (Gunbuster) prior to watching it. If you haven't seen Top o Nerae, this video is not intended for you. It doesn't have any spoilers but the video relies on your knowledge of the events to make it pass as a tribute.

    There was some debate in my mind over how to work this video. The 6th episode of the series is 16x9 and in black and white, while the rest of the series is 4x3 and in color. I decided that by incorporating the 6th episode into the video, I would be causing discomfort in the viewer due to it's change in imagery. blended the footage in rather well, by taking a different approach to the video than your typical drama video.

    I tried to make the video a series of Flashbacks in Noriko's mind. Anything that happens in color is supposed to be her in present day as she relives her memories. Black and white footage represents her memories. I applied a black and white filter to the footage to make use of some scenes from the first 5 episodes in the flashback sequences. There wasn't much I could do about the 16x9 shots, so I left them in the letterboxed form. Since it's black and white in a black and white sequence, the letterboxed sequences don't stand out as odd and it works really well.

    This video is mildly depressing, as is Top o Nerae. Please do not watch this video while on downers or with any sharp metal objects nearby.

    The music is a perfect fit for the series. It conveys innocence, sadness, and majesty all at the same time.

    If you are a fan of Top o Nerae (Gunbuster), you will enjoy this video.

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