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  • Member: IchigoFever
  • Title: My Perfect Enemy
  • Premiered: 2005-08-27
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    • A Perfect Circle Passive
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  • Comments: [note:] I did not copy allercon's idea for this video >.< Oh how dishearted I felt when I searched my video to get the link, only to find that this idea had already been done!! Gaah I should really research my "orginal" ideas some more, neh? lol Well I had absolutely no idea that this "Perfect Enemy" thing had already been done, my apologies to allercon!

    This video took a while for me to make, I wanted everything to make at least a little sense in my overall message, and I think I did an "O.K" job on that. It's depics the fight between Naruto and Sasuke seen through Sasuke's eyes.

    After the text, we see Sasuke and the fallen Naruto. At this point sasuke watches his fallen friend and reminises a little on how things came to be. After this we see Naruto up again and the dark clouds above gone to signifiy just a little more hope for the friendship.

    The former teammates then fight again, both bond by their rivalery, and friendship with Sasuke fighting to reign over Naruto and Naruto fighting to get his old friend back before it's too late. We soon reach the climx where Sasuke and Naruto clash with a final blow, followed by a scene of a beatin Naruto then a clip of his childhoof self, next a child version of Sasuke and an equally beatin version of Sasuke in reality comes after that. In this scene his headband falls and we realize that no one wins this fight, not Naruto nore Sasuke.

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