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  • Member: angelx03
  • Title: Track 5 - The Unearthed Project
  • Premiered: 2005-11-21
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    • E.S. Posthumus Tikal
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  • Comments: This is Track 5 of the Unearthed Project, a multi-editor project which is run by Vega Sailor. Technically this little segment is my second video I created, but of course chronologically Daisuke's Love Confession became my true second video. Oh, never mind! :P

    Joining this project was pretty much out of a whim since I was getting "editor's block" from working on my first video. When I first heard about this, I decided to sample a few songs, and they pretty much rocked; so much editing potential there. But since I was working on my first video at the same time, I decided to choose a short segment.

    The anime I chose to use is Figure 17 because I noticed the Org's database has a ridiculous lack of Figure 17 videos which is a shame; Figure 17 is seriously is one of the best underrated gems in terms of character development. Of course with the track I chose, I mostly concentrated on the action aspect specifically the final battle where Tsubasa faces against a bunch of aliens known as Maguar (thus the reason for the spoiler). The editing was a lot easier than I thought because I was surprised of how the battles scenes synced with the music. Of course I bet there's a few hiccups I made, but hopefully it'll go unnoticed.

    I would like to thank Vega Sailor for having me participate in this project. I definetely had a blast despite the short track I did. If you want to check out my segment, well here's the link of the entire project.

    Time spent: less than a day
    Software and programs used:
    Windows Movie Maker 2.1

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