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  • Member: zanmato666
  • Title: Air - Angelic Requiem
  • Premiered: 2005-08-26
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    • Sarah McLachlan Angel
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    Won Judges' Choice Award for Best Artistic video at Anime Destiny 2005 AMV Contest

    SPOILER WARNING: Make sure you've watched the entire series (12 episodes) before viewing this AMV

    This video is a tribute to Misuzu Kamio from the anime series Air. This is my second video and I think anyone who has seen Air before should definitely watch this video. If you haven't seen Air before you should watch this video since Air has one of the best art styles I've seen in any anime (video is 856x480 ^_^). After watching the Air series, I was literally depressed for at least a week, so the story of the series is very powerful.

    In this amv, I'm trying to portray how Misuzu was full of life, alive, and carefree; then in an instant life changes for the worst. Thus, we must all realize how precious and short life is.

    For this amv, I'm using an angelic theme. Which fits into the actual story of Air since Misuzu is actually a decent of winged beings (angel like creatures) who's cursed never to love, for if they do they will suffer immense pain and die (hence the title). I also used an airy atmospheric theme that plays on the anime's name (Air); as well that Misuzu says that one day she'll return to the sky, and when she's explaining here dreams she's always looks at the sky and thinks she's one with the sky. Hope you enjoy the video!!!

    Please leave some opinions

    P.S. (Let me know if you've seen Air before or not if you leave an opinion)

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