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  • Member: Kusoyaro
  • Studio: Kusoyaro Productions
  • Title: VG3 Project - Track 36 - Merry Swordsmen of Androgyny
  • Premiered: 2005-09-23
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    • The Black Lodge Ocarina Boogie - OC ReMix
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  • Comments: Castor asked me a while back to participate in VG3...I wanted to be part of the project, but I didn't really have high hopes. I hadn't participated in previous VG projects mainly because I couldn't find any remixes that really appealed to me editing-wise. Still, I downloaded about 30 random tracks from games I enjoyed. Once again, it wasn't looking good...and out of nowhere, a track with a totally lame name (c'mon...Ocarina Boogie???) completely caught my attention. It wasn't very Zelda-y, but so what. This was the one. As for coming up with the anime, my thought process basically went like this:
    Link...hmmm...sword...long hair...hmmm girly looking...hmmm sword...long hair....hmmm....girly looking...sword...KENSHIN.

    I actually bought the entire first two box sets of Rurouni Kenshin TV for this video :P I didn't try to do anything fancy...just a solid action video with some Ocarina of Time footage integrated in. Plotwise, I pondered matching up Zelda bosses with Kenshin enemies for about 10 seconds, then decided 1) I didn't want to spend all that time playing Ocarina again (even though Castor got me an emu with a nice cheat mode), and 2) Matching up those big Zelda monsters with Kenshin's opponents doesn't make sense anyway. So plot went out the window. One thing I did try to do was divide the video between pre-Kyoto footage and Kyoto footage...which ended up being a dumb idea, because Kenshin only fights like 5 guys in Kyoto. It did give me an excuse to use the Kenshin/Saitoh fight (the best sequence in the entire TV series, IMO) as a bridge between the two halves, though. You might notice that I stole an effect there from MeriC's Deceptive Passions :D

    As for gaming footage, you might notice that almost all of it is of Link attacking the air :D Well, I wanted adult Link in his red outfit, which you can't get until really late into the game, so I downloaded a saved game from right before the final fights with Ganondorf and Ganon. The one major problem with having such a late saved game is that pretty much all the enemies have been killed already :P So...yeah, you get to watch Link slash around at nothing. Also, I used Ganondorf to parallel Shishio instead of Ganon. Mostly out of laziness.. plus, in the Ganondorf fight, there's a part where Ganondorf bursts into light.. which is close enough to Shishio bursting into flames, I guess.

    Oh yeah, and to meet VG3 guidelines (and also make my editing job easier) I cut about 4 minutes out of the song.

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