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  • Member: GloryQuestor
  • Studio: Gee Que Productions
  • Title: Inside (Eva) Renewal
  • Premiered: 2005-08-25
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    • Vertical Horizon Inside
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  • Comments: This was more of a labour of love than anything else. Out of all the videos in my collection, I'm especially a big fan of my Inside (Eva) video, mainly because I could see a solid core story that really followed the music behind it. I promised myself some time ago that, when the opprotunity arose, I would do this video the way I really wanted to do it: with all kinds of Eva footage and not just the fraction of End of Evangelion I was (at the time) stuck with.

    This is not a "remastering" of the previous video. This is a video based on, but not completely like, the original version, with a new focus and a better vision of the story encapsulating it. Now I've poured in a lot of the scenes that I really wanted to have in the video, resulting in a remake that only hints at the video that came before it.

    The following people are credited for assistance in making this video:

    - IcyCloud, for previewing my video and giving me some excellent advice.
    - Moonlight Solider, for pointing me in the right places when it came to video compilation.
    - The other frequent (and infrequent) visitors to the #AMV IRC Channel, for all kinds of great advice and assistance.

    Enjoy the video. :)

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