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  • Member: TrainofThought
  • Studio: Train of Thought Studios
  • Title: Be What You Are
  • Premiered: 2005-08-25
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    • Alexisonfire Control
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  • Comments: I only have one thing to say about this video...


    This has been a major project that took me awhile to get around to but finally iI got the time to fit it in. This took a great deal of time out of my studies but hey, a wise man once said that its better to be highly skilled and experienced in your profession rather than getting the degree. Therefore ita all about the Tallent. Now I do agree that you need both tallent and a good education. But most of all , I believe in Believeing; Living the dream!!!!

    Follow your dreams!

    This video came entirely out of my heart and feelings, which I spilled all over the keybord, slaving late into the night to bring this video about the best commmunity I have ever been a part of.

    Thank you friends and family!

    Thank you God!


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