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  • Member: KLin
  • Title: Lovesick Signs
  • Premiered: 2002-06-09
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    • Siam Shade LOVESICK -You Don't Know-
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  • Comments: Okay, first the technical details. This video was created using two high quality fansubs of .hack//sign episodes 1 and 9 and the dreaded /Windows Movie Maker./ :D Work time on this Alpha version was around... hmm 8 hours. Guess I'm getting better at consolidating the time to make AMVs, although the song length is about a minute shorter, so that might have helped to lower the development time. It's set to a rather upbeat romantic song by the shamefully unknown J-Rock band (At least at this site), Siam Shade. Don't worry, the song is in English! It's just sung by Japanese guys. :D Their English is pretty good though so don't worry about the fact it's still technically J-Rock because I'm sure you'll understand it. If not, I'll get the lyrics and put them up here. Also, remember when downloading from my direct links and other people's direct links as well to save through first right-clicking the link. It doesn't work if you left-click. And please please PLEASE do not use download accelerator or resume download programs. :P

    I wanted to see if I could set an upbeat song to a rather 'slow-paced' Anime. .hack//sign fit the bill perfectly. It's a very emotional, creative, and well drawn anime but it's storyline seems to drag a lot because there's a lot of dialogue. Just like in current on-the-market MMoRPGs :) And also because I've got high quality fansubs to use. There ended up being a great many scenes I wanted to use in the video. But I actually had to cut out 60% of the footage I was going to use and liberally use overlays in order to fit it all into the length of the song. :/ Speaking of the song, as previously promised, here are the lyrics so you can see how I tried to match it to the video content: (It's not perfectly synched as gadoo pointed out, but I tried giving it a shot with WMM. :D) This song and it's original Japanese version is sung as a duet, by the way. It's less obvious in the English version and there's positional and wording differences between the two versions.

    Lovesick -You don't know-

    Can't say for sure when it first started
    I been needin' you so bad
    It's so bad I can't even tie my shoes
    I used to be so cool. Now I just walk around
    Hiding my heart hoping you find it
    I'm sick, can't you see?

    Sigh after sigh, I can't control it
    I got lonely, lonely days, lonely, lonely times, you don't know
    My heart's been calling you
    An' like a sinking ship I'm goin' down
    And I keep falling too in love with you

    Bring me higher love
    Gimme all your love
    Give it all to me
    Take me higher, love
    Gimme all your love
    Pick me up now an' show me
    What higher love can be

    Don't wanna use you as a play thing
    If I did it might make it easy
    But then I'd never know the meaning of your love
    Here I am. Won't you lift me up so we can fly away?
    I'll paint you in the colors of my dream
    *Repeat chorus

    You don't know, you don't know
    You're so bright you almost blind me
    You don't know, you don't know
    I get dizzy cuz you leave me spinnin'
    Don't you go, don't you go
    Touchin' heaven when I'm near you
    Don't you know? Don't you know?
    Everything I always wanted to say
    I am saying in this song I sing
    *Repeat chorus

    Bring me higher love
    Gimme all your love
    You got what I need
    (Hey you don't know)
    Take me higher, love
    Gimme all your love
    Pick me up won't you show me
    What higher love can be

    *spoilers alert, especially if you haven't seen the anime*
    Also, I myself am not even sure if Tsukasa (The silver-haired young mage-boy) and Mimiru (The red-haired young sword-girl) are supposed to have a romantic relationship. They have a protector-protectee relationship but I'm not 100% sure if they are supposed to be romantic with each other or not. However, I'm very proud that despite that technicality it looks like through the clips I used I manage to convey the sense that they definately have some sort of romance going on. And if you feel that way too after watching it then I've done my job and accomplished the other part of my goal in making this video. :) Originally though, I had intended to center the song between the pet kuchiguso and Tsukasa, but given the clip selection decided it made more sense to focus primarily upon Tsukasa and Mimiru's relationship. However, you'll notice there are a few scenes that diverge from the focus at certain points. This is semi-intentional to get people interested in the series since it's still rather new.
    /end spoiler*

    With all that said, please enjoy even though it's the Alpha version. I'll have different versions when I can, including the Japanese version of the song. :D

    *Beta version has been uploaded, video now contains 'a' spoiler and has sound mixed in, fixed a few little things here and there, :) and uploaded a larger MPEG video this time, (The quality isn't increased, this is just for people who cannot/dislike watching WMV videos. So don't hammer the link too hard please.

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